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So that they can have more money even they can support themselves. It can also come in the time of need.

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Q: Why do teenagers seek independence from their family?
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Why is drivers license important in a teenagers life?

Gives freedom, independence.

What is a teenagers role Ina family?

To be the resposible person in the family

Why do teenangers seek independence from their family and look for the company of their peers?

because its part of our life we need to be independent so that we can stand on our own feet...... -@jhoy09 follow me on twitter

What is the difference between American and Filipino teenagers?

American teenagers typically place a strong emphasis on individualism and independence, while Filipino teenagers often prioritize close family ties and societal expectations. Additionally, American teenagers may have more exposure to diverse cultures and experiences due to the country's size and diversity, while Filipino teenagers may have a stronger sense of community and collectivism.

What do teenagers do in Jamaica?

Teenagers in Jamaica do the same things teenagers do here in the US. But from what I understand and hear, they are very social and like to go out with friends. They are also family-oriented so they spend a lot of time with their family.

What are the factors the causes teenagers to engage themselves with risk behaviour?

Factors that can contribute to teenagers engaging in risky behavior include peer pressure, seeking independence and autonomy, curiosity, impulsivity, and a desire to experiment or rebel against authority. Additionally, environmental influences, such as family dynamics, media influence, and access to substances, can also play a role in shaping risky behaviors in teenagers.

What were the reasons for the Patriots to seek their independence?

The motivation for independence ranged from high taxation to the illegalization of creating colonial currency.

What is the monthly cost of household items for a family of 5?

For our family it is about $1100. But we have teenagers in the family, and big eaters.

What did the document common sense convince the colonists to do?

To seek independence from England.

From what country do the Basque and Catalonians seek independence?

Michael Carrasco(ENOC)

Where would you encourage a family to turn if they were concerned about their teenagers depression and potential suicide?

If I was to encourage a family I would tell them to go therapy or talking to their teenagers about their depression and letting them know they are there for them

What needs to become more important for teenagers?

family and education