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There are different kinds of tears with different functions. Some for lubricating the eye and some for expelling an irritation. The third group "Emotional tears" are the least understood and their chemical makeup consists of proteins and hormones, some secreted by the pituitary gland. Proteins are made of amino acid chains and when proteins are broken down then ammonia is a byproduct. This could account for the strong ammonia smell of intense emotional tear production.

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You may be eating/metabolizing too much protein. If not, then you should get your blood checked, especially -- liver function tests. It might be nothing or could be something serious. I have been through this myself - notice when eating too much meat; also could be my liver -- have blood tests every three months. Good luck.

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Q: Why do tears sometimes smell or taste like ammonia?
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Why do your tears taste like salt water?

Well... I think that tears are salty is when sometimes when you eat something that has salt in it, the tears will come out when you cry. That's what I think.

What do tears taste like?

When you are crying, there are tears coming down your face. They generally taste like salt water.

What if your tears dont taste like salt what is wrong?

Nothing. There isn't enough salt to taste.

Why do tears have a flavor?

Tears taste because they contain excess salt from the body that it does not need and they collect sweat and other debris on your skin if they move across the skin which can also alter the taste.

What is the difference between urine and tears?

Urine is nitrogenous waste matetial that contains ammonia. Tears is a form of sweat that is secreted by ducts in the eyes in order to keep the retina from becoming dry.

What is the cranial cranial nerve responsible for?

equilibrium, taste, tears, and tongue movement

What are happy tears?

Sometimes, the human emotion of joy, at an extreme level, can result in crying - these are happy tears.

You taste your tears and it was tasteless what is that meaning to your health?

No, don't worry that has nothing to do with your health. You are alright!!!

What does it mean when you cry and your tears taste salty?

Much like the wives-tale that an itchy palms means you will get some money, salty tears mean you are an emotional person.

What are teardrops made of?

Tears are mainly made from water and some Sodium Chloride (NaCl) which accounts for the salty taste.

What chemicals are released when we laugh?

well when i cry and taste my tears it sorta tastes like salt. I'm not sure what other stuff is in tears so bye.

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A tornado wrecks things and sometimes tears down houses.