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because if it didn't have any hair, then it wouldn't look so good and sexy. and feeling and touching hairy pussys feel so so GOOD

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Q: Why do some women like hairy pussys?
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Do women like a hairy chested man?

Some do some don't.

Do women have hairy boobs?

some women do, some have very hairy boobs as for some donut have much

Do women like hairy men?

Some do, some don't. Everyone's taste is different.

Do women like men without body hair?

Some women like such men. Also some women like hairy men. So it depends.

Is it normal for women to have hairy bellies?

It is for some, and they're the ones I prefer, because natural hairy women are better.

Do hairy arms women have a hairy stomach?

Maybe. Some people (even women) have more hair than other people.

Do men prefer women to shave pubic hair?

Completly varies form guy to advice ask him, (though I'd say as a general rule if your haveing lots of oral sex probably better shaven), but it's best to ask. Eery man is different. Some like it shaved, some like it trimmed, and some like it hairy.

Why do some women have more hairy pussy hair than other?

they shave it

Women hairy chest?

Some woman have a hairy chest. Amounts of hair vary based on genes, removal methods used, and amount of testosterone in their body.

Should men shave their overly hairy legs?

It basically depends on the individual. Some women like hairy or even excessively hairy men while some women like the feel of a smooth body. It's more of a personal preference for men and women. Don't do something because someone else will like you better. If you grow hair or shave it, do it because it's your preference not someone else's.Here are some opinions"No; hairy legs are actually quite sexy in men, even "overly" hairy legs.I have had hairy legs since I was 13 or 14, but I have never shaved or waxed them ever, I heard recently of a guy who for no apparent reason shaved his legs, now he had no reason to do that as he is not a professional or club cyclist or swimmer. The result from all his friends including his wife was,"what made you do that" he was laughed and sniggered at by everyone, his wife was so annoyed I think she refused him you know what. No way should a man shave his legs other than for some sporting reason.

Do women grow thick armpit hair?

Some do - some also shave them. Well maybe they shouldn't I like 'em hairy and wild LAWL.

Why don't girls have hairy backs like guys?

Some girls do have hairy backs but it is because most boys start pubity