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They trust themselves more because they know what they are going to do. They don't know what other people are going to do unless they tell them.

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Q: Why do some people trust themselves more than others?
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What is the difference between selfish and selfless?

Selfish people think only of themselves and only do things that will benefit for themselves. Selfless people think of others before themselves caring more for the welfare of others.

Who wrote Trust men and they will be true to you treat they greatly and they will show themselves great?

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great." It emphasizes the power of trust and respect in relationships, suggesting that by showing trust and treating others with respect, they are more likely to reciprocate positively.

Which of these explains the appeal behind plain-folks advertisements?

People tend to trust others who they think are just like them.

Why do people think that emo kids cut themselves because they dont trust me.?

because emo's wear dark clothes and listen to emotional music but that's wrong. more "normal" people cut themselves than emos

Why do people judge the way people are like how much they weigh or how they look?

There are many reasons. some people see themselves as a basis and see others thinking they should look more like themselves. others feel that their own iniquities should take priority over the features and aspects of other people. (jealousy) You just have to remember that the way you view others, and yourself, matters more than what others think of you. same goes for everyone.

Why some patients get placebos and others don't?

Some people are more susceptible to the power of suggestion than others. Ie you tell them its a good drug they trust you, want to believe it and do

Why are some couples jelouse?

Every one wants to be loved exclusively and not shared with others. People must make their mate feel more love than others this will create trust

What can you do with trust points and if you have 1 what does it mean?

You can't really do anything with trust points on this website, but, it can show you and other people how dedicated you are to the site, or it can mean that someone liked your contributions. The more trust points you have, the more people start to trust you, even if they are not a user on this site. If you have more trust points, when you answer questions, people are more likely to trust that your answers are credible.

Someone who dislikes contact with other people?

A loner. A loner is someone who enjoys time by themselves more than time with others

Who fights wars?

People who want more than their fair share and people who do not want to give up their fair share. Also people that help others that cannot help themselves.

What is the significance of ones personality to his personal life social life and professinal life?

''The significance of ones personality to his personal, social and profressional life is that they have gone through life changing experiences making them believe more in themselves and other people. Some have not succeeded in a significant life, just for the fact that they want the world to surround around them but people learn to have trust in others and so they succeed in everyday life and experiences. The key is to know what part of yourself to trust and who to trust in the outside world''.

why do people blame others others and claim to be victims?

If they blame themselves, they have to admit that they aren't always the kind of person they want to be (we like to think well of ourselves) Blame someone else, and we can say "They'rebad/wrong, not me" That's also why people like us more when we make them feel better about themselves.