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Similar to any other scent, like or dislike is based on personal preference. A lot of people have psychological association behind it, such as remembering a pleasant road trip or another endeavor involving gasoline.

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Q: Why do some people like the smell of gasoline?
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Why is it other people like to smell coffee?

They like it, some people my not like it but some do its there way of smelling

Do some people smell like dogs AFTER bathing?


Can some people smell water?

no you cant smell water you can only smell it if it has somthing in like chemicals or jucie

Why would fake leather smell like gasoline?

Well, it could have soaked up some gasoline. Many fake leather products absorb moisture more effectively than real leather.

Can you smell with your mouth?

no, that's what noses are for but some people can judge what things smell like with there mouth (or so they think)

Why does my whole entire floor smell bad when my indian neighbors cook?

Probably it does not smell bad, just different. Some people like that smell a lot. This is because, many different spices are used in Indian cooking, where as only salt is usually used in western cooking. Some people like a bacon's smell while some people find it offensive. Different people different taste.

Why when turn ac on Dodge Intrepid 97 models smells like gasoline?

You might have a fuel injector leak that causes the AC in your Dodge Intrepid to smell like gasoline. When the AC pulls air from the outside, it might be pulling some gas vapors in as well.

Why do people like the smell of gasoline?

it depends on 2-3 factors. Firstly, your DNA structure. If you like the smell of Gasoline, then Iam quite sure you also like the smell of old socks. You might say its disgusting, you might think its disgusting, but the truth is, inside you know it pops the curiosity bubble. However, if you like the smell of Gasoline, check with your parents, 99% one or both of them like it too. There are certain protein cells released in your brain when you breath in Gas fumes which give you an instant feeling of being high, something like inhaling paint thinner. You may want to remember that the reason no smoker ever gets addicted to nicotine patches, but only to cigarettes (although both contain the same amount of nicotine) is because nicotine hits your brain like a dagger only when inhaled (your lungs being the culprit). Similarly, gas fumes instantly sedate a few cells in your brain and this sedation (similar to smoking, drinking) is pleasurable.

Why do car batteries smell like chlorine?

sometimes chlorine is in them and also some people mistake the smell of chlorine for the smell of sulfur a different element.

Why do some peoples butts smell like donuts?

am i to assume that you smell people s butts? i would rephrase that question

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Some people say meth has no smell. When smoked (burned), however, it smells very chemical-ish to me. Maybe like paint or some other strong chemical. You cannot smell it on a user however, like you can, say, with marijuana or cigarettes.

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they dont brush their teeth