Why do some people get you to betray?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no one got you to betray but yourself. you have a mind of your own, if you knew it was wrong, you could have stopped yourself, even if someone was trying to convince you, you're the only one who controls your actions. it may sound easy, but we can't blame others for the misteaks we make.

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Q: Why do some people get you to betray?
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How would you use the word betray in a sentence?

Don't tell him the secret, or he'll betray you and tell the others. Traitors are individuals who betray their homeland.

Why do people betray others?

Instincts. A rotweiler is more ferocious than a pomeranian. Peoplple betray outwradly for some benefit, this benefit can be in terms of reputation, money, power, position or for some grudge or out of love for someone. Whatever the reason, a person who betrays has a knack of doing it. He/She cannot betray for once - its in the genetic code and they do it more often than you think. Or because they are almost forced to.

What are all of the facts about Benedict Arnold?

SOME PEOPLE SAY HIS WIFE TOLD HIM TO BETRAY HIS COUNTRY he fought the battle of concord by himself and failed

What part of speech is betray?

Betray is a verb.

What are some verbs that begin with 'be'?

begin, being, become, betray, and belong.

Who are the Jewish leaders who paid Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus?

The people who paid Judas 30, thirty peaces of silver to betray Jesus, were the high priests in the temple and pharases.

Does Ziva betray NCIS?

Ziva does not betray NCIS?

How many syllables in the word betray?

Betray has two syllables.

When was When Men Betray created?

When Men Betray was created in 1929.

In the final circle of hell what type of sinners are being punished?

Sinners who have betrayed their country People who betray their family

What is the root word for betray?

The root word for betray is "traitor," which comes from the Latin word "traditor" meaning "one who delivers."

Does Naruto betray the village?

I don't think he will ever betray the village