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because they want u and they feel jealous to the guy u like

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Q: Why do some guys put down the guys you like?
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Do guys like tall girls im tall but no guys seem to like me and i get put down because im taller than people?

sometimes they do becase some guys think that tall ladies are very attractive especially if they show their legs off. hey if you got it you should flunt it!

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Some guys like make-up but not alot, and other guys like no make-up at all, so if you want to wera make up don't put on too much.

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They can and they do, for a variety of reasons. It's just not romantic kissing.

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Put your hand down his trousers. ;)

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Yes, most likely he is the most "normal" you will see for a long time. Most guys are similar to him, deep down, and will often put up a mask, your brother doesn't hide from you like other guys do.

Why are guys jerks to girls?

because of how awful they are not all guys are jerks. but there are some guys that are jerks to be jerks really, don't let these guys put you down or influence you in any way. most guys I think are not trying to be jerks though, its our nature because we do not fully understand girls and how sensitive you really are. guys that seem to be jerks might not notice what they are doing

Why do guys and girls put people down for liking anime and manga?

Because the fanbase is atrocious.

Make room for the big girls?

put things in that guys would like ;)

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Only if you're dandruff free.

Do girls like guys who spike up their hair?

Because spiked hair usually looks very good on guys. It also shows girls that guys who spike their hair care about their appearance. Not all girls like spiked hair, but more than half of them do. So guys, if your single and want girls to attract you, get a good haircut and put some product in it!

Do guys like it when girls hug them and put their head on the guys chest?

I love it when women do that. It is one of my all time favorite things.