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Because smoking marijuana is the most fun activity a person of any age can enjoy.

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Q: Why do so many teens use marijuana?
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What are the most popular drugs teens use is it pot Marijuana Cocaine Party Pills what?

probably marijuana. weed is awesome. so is ecstacy. and lortab, vicodin, and ambien.

Is proactiv good for teens?

Many teens use it and seem to be happy with the results. So, yes.

How many teens use their cell phones for bad things?

There is no recordings of this but I would guess most troubled teens so about 1/4 of our nation has teens that use their phones for bad things.

How many teens use ecstasy?

raves have about over 1,000 people doing it. i go to them a lot, so tons of teens do it. including me.

Why are so many college teens taking Adderall to focus?

why are so many teens in college on aderall to focus or is it just an addiction

How many people die from smoking marijuana in the US?

There are no recorded deaths from marijuana in the last 10,000 years You might think this answer is bs but no one has died from the direct use of it but when youre high it uses up your endorphins which are what makes you happy. So if you smoke costantly you'll be very depressed and most teens who commit suicide are avid drug users.

How many teens use illegal drugs in teen population?

Im a teen myself and to be real honest with you there is a really low ercentage of teenages who use drugs , Many will say they do and pretend that they use them on a regular basis so their friends wont judge them , And even those teens dont use them .

Does marijuana do anything to your hair?

Yes marijuana smoke stays in your hair. It never fades out so if a cop asks you for a hair they can determine marijuana use

How many people use medical marijuana in the us?

Well only 13 states so far have legalized medical marijuana, so it's not the whole US that's using it. Not sure about how many people, but the numbers are definitely increasing.

How do you detect if your teen is smoking marijuana?

Do you want to know if your teenager is smoking marijuana? Rest assured, they are, just like you did. Do not worry so much about marijuana, worry about the hard drugs that will really screw up their lives. 5 in 10 teens try marijuana at least once. Even if your teen is experimenting with just marijuana, they will most likely get caught or outgrow it as they mature.

Why do so many teens give in to peer pressure?


Can marijuana use contribute to weight loss?

Marijuana is well known for increasing the appetite and so should not feature in your diet plan.

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