Why do puppies get worms?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Puppies are actually born with worms already in side them. You need to ask your vet for the proper medicine, if you get over the counter it could kill your puppy (if that's why your asking). Make sure you ask your vet how much it needs and when it should be given the medicine.

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Of course not!

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Q: Why do puppies get worms?
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Related questions

Can adults dogs get worms from puppies?

It is very rare for a adult dog to get worms from puppies,but it's possible.

Does puppies get worms from mother?

Yes. in fact, every contact with another dog with parasites gets the puppies the worms.

What kind of worms do puppies get?

little ones!

Does a puppy get worms from being held to much?

No, puppies can get worms from their mother. Worms are a parasite that is usually passed from fecal matter.

What is the time it takes to cure worms in puppies?

78 78

Can the puppies get worms if you hold them to much?

Puppies can not get worms from being held too much. Worm infestation can be contracted from eating undercooked meats, or licking grass where an infected animal has defecated.

What are long three inch worms in puppies stool?

they could be round worms....your puppy would need to be dewormed

Do puppies get heartworms?

Yes, all dogs can get heart worms.

Is bactrim given to puppies for worms?

Bactrim is not given to puppies for deworming purposes. You need to know what types of worms your pup has & then use the appropriate dewormer for the types of worms pup has. I suggest you take your pup & a sample of his or her feces into your Veterinarian to be checked out. What are you giving the Bactrim for and who gave it to you?

How long does it take medication to kill worms in puppies?

within 1 to 12 hrs

Does pumpkin seeds help cure worms in puppies?

Dookey taste like chocolate. :)

How do puppies act if they have worms?

Puppies with worms may display many symptoms a few noticable ones are poor growth, weightloss, bloated stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stool, dark stool, loss of appetite and dragging their butt across the ground. If you see any of these signs of suspect your puppy has worms or another serious problem contact your vet immeditaly!! Diarrhea and vomiting in puppies can be a symptom of a much more serious problem that can be fatal