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What are you ? BLACK!?

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Q: Why do pink and white nails cost so much?
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What color looks good on short nails?

black white pink

What is the most popular color for nails?

light blue and white

What color is the best to paint my nails?

black , purple and pink mixed

Why do nails appear pink?

pretty much nail polish does

How much does a pink Wii cost?

it costs the same amount of money as getting a normal white wii unless you get it in a combo

Which colors mixed make pink and baby pink?

To make a pink, simply mix red and white. Baby pink is a pink with much more white in it. The amount of white you use determines the shade of pink you get.

When you mix red and white what do you get?

Pink. But if you put in too much white, you get a really soft pink.

How much do pink mustang cost?

it cost about 1,000 monthly ,but if you get a regular mustang and paste it pink its 1,000 monthly and 1,400 to paste it pink.

What color do get if you mix red and white?

Pink or some variation there of. Pink. Even though Pink is a tint, there are varieties of pink. The actual color depends on how much white you mix with the red.

How much do pink lamborghini cost you?


How much do pink limos cost?

Depends on what kind of features the pink limo has

How much does a blue puffle cost?

as much as a pink one does