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To see other people's responses and to be different if there is no other way.

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Q: Why do people make unneccessary noise?
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What do people make that you can't see?


Why are valley's so peaceful?

Becouse there is nobody alive to make noise & dead people cant make noise

Why aircraft does not make noise in night?

Aircraft make noise any time they fly. They make less noise at night because airports have published "noise abatement" procedures pilots follow to keep the people who live around airports happy.

Do all people make noise when they eat?

No, not all people make noise when they eat. Some people are naturally quieter eaters, while others may make noise due to chewing habits or certain medical conditions.


No, they make allot of noise but they are not harmful to people.

Why was the war of 1812 unneccessary?

The war wasn't "unneccessary"; it was the "Battle of New Orleans" which was part of the war of 1812 that was unneccessary. The Battle of New Orleans was fought AFTER the war ended...that didn't have radios back it took awhile for the news to reach them.

Do silverfish make a clicking noise?

Silverfish do not make any kind of noise at all. They are very quiet, they do not bite, cause little damage, and are afraid of people.

What do all people make but no one can ever see or touch?


If there are less people will they make less noise?

Not necessarily. Depends on the people. If they are quiet people, yes. If loud, no.

How do gnats make noise?

They make noise by making it.

Why do people write haha when they laugh?

Cuz when they laugh, they make a "haha" noise.

Do not make a noise convert in to passive voice?

you are forbidden to make a noise