Why do people like france?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For many people it's a very romantic city. Others might enjoy the history about it.

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Q: Why do people like france?
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People of France?

I belive people of France is asking what are the people of France like wrong

What rights do people in france enjoy?

In France there are a few different rights people like. The main rights people like is not having censorship laws.

What do people do for living in France?

what the people in France do for a living is they do regular jobs just like the americans do

Which is an example of prejudice caused by deductive reasonings?

Malcolm has met one or two people from France he didn't like, so he has decided that he doesn't like any people from France-Apex---

Do people in France live in the countryside?

France is like any other country. People live in cities and in the countryside.

What kind of foods do people in France like?


What are the people of France like?

they are sweet and sometimes talk nonsense

Why do people like to visit France?

Cause there is the ifal tower

How has geography helped France?

It made France popular (cheese, wine, FRICKING ANNOYING PEOPLE LIKE YOU).

Are there poor people in France?

Yes. France is not the only country along with the U.S. who have poor people. All countries have poor people as long as the y have an economy. France is much like the U.S. in many ways. But France has different customs and traditions.

How do people celebrate in France?

Because in France, like most of the EU and North America, the major religion is Christianity.

What do people in France eat?

Well people in France eat basicly the same as us. But sometimes they could eat snails frogs legs and all sorts of food we don't like.