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this is the time when boys start going through puberty and the boys start getting 'worked up'. also, the teachers don't want to find any kids doing anything inappropriate with the opposite gender

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A young child is ok, but an older boy doesn't belong in a locker room. A 7 year old is too old to be in the locker room. Most gyms have a child care section and that is where he belongs. Not in the locker rooms.

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Q: Why do moms have boys in the girls' locker room?
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What is a sentence using the possessive form of girls?

Boys are not allowed in the girls' locker room.

What to do when a girl is in boys restrrom or locker room?

That happened to me at our park. Single dads or dads with their kids who are daughters bring them into the locker room with them. You just have to accept it just like women do when moms bring their kids who happen to be boys.

What do girls do in the locker room?

A girls' locker room and boys' locker room both are common in many ways with size, appearance, etc. However, the only difference perhaps is the scent of both male and female.

Should girls be allow to use boys locker room when boys are not in there?

Yes girls should be allow to use boys locker room when they not in there or use it when they are in there.For example, if you have a swim team of preteen boys and girls. They are like a family which knows each other. Like a family they can do think as their own family can. So boys and girls share a locker room as a group in changing clothes, taking a shower, using restroom is normal. Now there need to be adult watching over them to be sure do girls or boy act incorrectly with anyone.Now when a group like this help girls and boys in a normal setting to see and learn in a very safte setting.Pam/Paul

Is it okay for boys to use the girls' locker room when girls are not in there?

No, just as boys are not allowed to go into a girls restroom. Not a good answer, sorry. Girls can enter boys restroom, locker room as long they have been ask to come. This is done by a father bring in his daughter. Or a brother bring in a girl. A boy can bring in a girl. The same apply for boys to go into a girls restroom or locker room. It has to be done with respect. Neither boy or girls can do as they please with the other gender restroom or locker room. There is no double gender rules. Girls can do it but boys can not do it.

Is the boys and girls club of green bay haunted?

Yes it is. I heard that a girl went into the locker room and was never heard from again.

The ratio of girls to boys in a room is 36 If there are 9 girls in the room how many boys are there?


What kind noun is boys?

The word boys' is the possessive form of the plural noun boys.Example: The boys' locker-room is at the end of this corridor.

What kind of noun is boys'?

The word boys' is the possessive form of the plural noun boys.Example: The boys' locker-room is at the end of this corridor.

The ratio of girls to boys in a room is 36 there are 9 girls how many boys?


When boys locker room need an apostrophe?

Wrong. A plural possessive gets an apostrophe after the final s. If the word is like "women," which is already plural and has no s, you write it "women's." Public places often get around the whole issue by avoiding the possessive issue. If you just write "boys" on the door, that implies it is where boys go.

What is the singular possessive and plural possessive of girl?

The possessive form of the singular noun girl is girl's.The possessive form of the plural noun girls is girls'.Examples:What is the girl's name. (singular, the name of the girl)The girls' locker room is on the left. (plural, the locker room for girls)