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It is like candy to them: high in protein and in sugar.

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Q: Why do mice like peanut butter?
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Can pet mice like peanut butter?

Yes pet mice absolutley LOVE peanut butter however dont feed it to them too frequently just give it to them as a treat every once in a while they also like peanuts

Can baby mice have peanut butter?


Can you feed mice peanut butter?


What does mice or rats eat?

peanut butter

What is the best way to attract mice?

Peanut butter.

What cheese to mice like the most?

they like peanut butter not cheese cartoons just use cheese for comedy

Is rat and mice poop really in peanut butter?

yes it is

What animals do a mouse eat?

Mice are not carnivores (meat eaters). They like grain, bread, peanut butter, and things like that.

How far away can mice smell peanut butter?

At least a mile

Why is cheese traditionally used in mice traps?

I suspect that the reason is lost in time, but cheese is a very convenient consistency for the job. Far better baits are peanuts or peanut butter, or chocolate, or peanut butter mixed with cocoa powder - I have caught very many hundreds, perhaps thousands, using peanuts, peanut butter and mixtures of peanut butter. Peanut butter mixed with oatmeal is also one of the commonest baits used by field biologists trapping mice and voles for surveys etc. This person goes to SHSC. The person above is wrong, mice HATE peanut butter.

Why does peanut butter taste like peanut butter?

because it has penuts

What smell attracts mice?

peanut butter is especially good for attracting mice