Why do men use women?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Women use men for a multiple of things. My first guess would be for personal advancement, money, entertainment, companionship and sex. To tell you the truth, basically women love attention from everyone. Women naturally are attracted to the alpha male, thus this means you must either have power, money or a greater sex appeal then them to dominate them. They want to have a boyfriend who they can talk too, hang out with and fund their outings with, but still desire to feel wanted by more then one individual and flirt with others. (example: go out to the club and dance with the hottest guys there, exchange numbers etc.) They want it all, the bread winner, the gentlemen, the badass, the ripped stud muffin, the intellect, the funnyman and the ass**** at times. Pretty much my advice for most men.

1.) always focus on yourself, strive for personal advancement, getting a better job, learning something new, working out and never give up your own personal goals for another. This will make more then women attracted to you.

2.) Never spoil a women and never become emotional with them. Act like a man and don't give a F about them.

3.) if your young and looking for a quick fling. play the three month rule. Spend minimal time and money, but maximum effort to score as many times as possible within the three months. After this time period, break off the fling in a civilized manner as to not become emotionally attached.

4.) Never plan for the future with a women young, women will eventually question their relationship with you at one point and either stray secretively or ask for a break, thus wasting your time, money and most importantly breaking your heart.

5.) Never let a women become your everything, she is not. She is just a person who you can talk too and have sex with from time to time. Once she becomes your everything, you lose your power and leverage in a relationship. You let yourself go physically, you stop pushing for your own personal best and this in the end makes you lose your appeal to her.

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We all use each other... a little!Women use men, men use women. Men use men, and women use women. Yes, we all use each other! Human beings are generally pretty much looking out for themselves (we have a very strong will to survive), which means that if they can help themselves they will, even if it might hurt somebody else. We all do it to some extent... some just do it more than others. You can't be alive and not be a burden to somebody or something else! But if everybody takes and everybody also gives, it works out. Some people just take more than they give, and well, frankly, I'm sorry for them. But I, as a man, have to insist that it's not just men using women!

and to make love of coarse!!!

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Q: Why do men use women?
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