Why do men use woman?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Men may sometimes may use women for sex but not always unless they are really in love with that women. So if you have a man that you think uses you for sex just find out if he is really in love with you. I'm sure it will work out


Because they can.

There's nothing wrong with "no strings attached" sex, if both people agree. But sometimes men don't reveal their true agendas, essentially making the sex non-consensual.

Men who do that lack respect for women, and think they're simply objects to be used for a man's pleasure. These men don't care how their behavior affects other people, and may even rationalize that what they're doing is acceptable, or even beneficial to both parties.

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Because they don't use both sides of their brains to know that they are hurting someone.

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Q: Why do men use woman?
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