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Because women are physically weaker than men by design.

To be honest, I don't think men think about it as much as people think. You might come across a few who are set in their ways, but that would be down to their own insecurities more than anything.

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Because men have ALWAYS been treated with higher superiority... but remember girls are powerful and strong and are just as important as guys! Without girls there would not be guys remember that!!

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Many people debate the "men better than women" or "women better than men" beliefs and views. However, the question and the debate is much like asking "Are apples better than Pears" or "Are pears better than apples". Both have "good" and "bad" qualities, and many more that are "in-between" or so-so.

Throughout the centuries, just about every type of stereotype have been imposed on men or on women. Some of these stereotypes might have included things like: men have no feelings; men do math better; men are physically stronger, etc.; and that women are more nuturing (loving) and more romantic; women are better decorators, cooks, bakers; women are more loyal, etc. But, through the last century, men and women have fought against these kinds of sterotypes, and have changed the way societies view males and females.

The facts are:

  • While men and women are constructed different physically, their emotional ranges are the same.
  • While some men may be physically stronger than some women, it is equally true that some women may be physically stronger than some men.
  • While women may seem smaller or more "dainty", they have the same number of muscles as men and many women are just as physically fit and strong as any man.
  • While some women are experts in nuturing tasks, some men are also experts in nuturing; both sexes can raise and successfully nuture children.
  • While women have historically won custody of children, men have successfully changed the stereotype that "only women can take care of children."
  • While women did not always have access to college/higher education, both men and women may place anywhere on the intellectual scale; intellect is not restricted to one sex.
  • While women have historically been paid lower wages, that gap has been reduced so that women earn almost as much as their male counterparts.
  • While only men naturally produce sperm, only women produce eggs. The effects of testosterone in men is mostly responsible for male reproduction and masculine characteristics, just as estrogen is mainly responsible for female reproduction and feminine characteristics. Disruptions in hormones is biological, not a reason to make negative comparisons between the sexes.
  • Just as women go through "menopause" as estrogen drops in middle or later years, men go through "andropause" in middle or later years as testosterone drops.
  • While women have historically been depicted as "more emotional", men are capable and able as being just as "emotional" as women; and just as some men appear more contained and businesslike (little emotion), women are also capable and able to appear just as contained and businesslike.
  • While historically only men enlisted in the military and fought in wars, women have broken this taboo.
  • While both men and women who prefer "same sex" relationships have been stereotyped and faced discrimination, both have become more vocal about the negative views that some people hold, and both have gained more rights.
  • While both men and women were born from a woman's womb, neither is any "better" or any "worse" than the other.
  • While men have a penis, women have a vagina and uterus; both have good points, bad points, but neither is "better" to have. Without each sex and the male and female genitals, we would each look fairly "bland" physically, in my opinion.

Nothing about a man makes him "better" than a woman.

Nothing about a woman makes her "better" than a man.

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We do not think we are smart. We know it.

Men do not think or even mention they are smart. Those who question or doubt make it obvious that they are smart.

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Q: Why do men think that they are better than women?
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