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so they can be firends or date.

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Q: Why do men talk to other females?
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Who talks on the phone more males or females?

women. they generally talk more than twice as much as men

How do hippos talk to each other?

Hippos talk to each other by opening there mouth and like screaming out like a little voice. The males talk louder then the females because the females have soft voices.

What does the average person talk about?

Males: Video Games Females: Other People

Are all men females before they are born?

yes men are mutations of females

Why married men talk about sex with other women?

Feeling them out to see if they can get them into the cot.

Where does the Bible talk about men having relations with other men?

Leviticus 18:22

Why do men with girlfriends still talk to other females on the phone is it because you aren't interesting enough for him or is it his ego?

they're probably just really good friends. just like how you would have good guy friends that you don't have feeling for.

Are bisexual men gay?

Not necessarily, they find interest in both women and other men

Why do some women other women?

They feel the need to talk about women because women talk about men. Men (believe it or not) gossip just as much as women do.

Why does your wife talk to other men secretly on the computer?

because of privacy

Females do connect with other females?

Females network with other females all the time.

Are woman as curious about men's nudity as men are about females nudity?

I am