Why do men prefer weak women?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Men like the weak ones

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Q: Why do men prefer weak women?
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What types of men do women prefer?

Different men prefer different women the same as different women prefer different men.

Does men prefer control women?

No, not really. Some men may prefer to control women, but 99% do not.

Do men prefer to dominate women?

Some do, but not all - - in fact, not even a majority. Some men prefer to be dominated by women. Some men prefer an equal relationship. Some men aren't interested in women at all and want to be with other men.

Do men in their thirties prefer women in their twenties over women in their thirties?

men in their thirties prefer anyone who he is atracted to and is willing to be intimate.

Why do women depend on men?

Because women are weak sauce and men are hot sauce.

Why do men think that women are weak?

because men have horomones

Do lesbian prefer transgender's rather than real women?

No, they prefer women and not men dressing and living like women.

Why do women prefer chocolate to men?

they dont

Do bisexual men prefer men over women?

Some bisexual men may prefer men over women. Some bisexual men may prefer women over men. Some may also shift over time. Others may look at the person's personality or other factors, rather than the gender.

Do men or Women prefer Peanut butter and jelly sandwichs?

MEN as long the women is in the kitchen making it

What kind of socks do men prefer on women?


Do men really prefer skinny women?