Why do men like older women?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SOME (certainly not all) younger women are mostly interested in fashion, shopping, Pop Music, and other things that nearly all men find, well, frivolous. Older women are interested in more substantive things, which gives them something to talk about. My younger female friends watch "Say Yes to the Dress", "America's Next Idol" and other light fare. They tend to read "Vogue". More mature women watch CNN, The History Channel, Discovery, and read Time and Newsweek. Beyond that, young women seem to be interested in buff bodies and flash. Older women appreciate the more solid, and more stolid, characteristics.

Men like older women because they are earthier or they're pretty or sexy.

Also for the same reasons they would like any other age group

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They feel a sense of protection and older men usually have a job and can provide for the woman.

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Q: Why do men like older women?
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Why are some women attracted to grey haired men?

some of my friends say its because they look older and a lot of women like older men

What do you call women who like older men?

The opposite of a cougar? Gold-diggers? Woman who likes older men????????

Is it strange to like older men 20 years older than men your own age because you don't have anything in common with them?

I think women like older men because they are more mature. Also because they already know what they want in life. women like older men because it gives them a thrill at times but older men at times might make some girls think they r perves

Why are older men called rhinos if they like younger women?

they are horny.;

Why do younger men like older women?

it could be expirence. Or it could be that they want to be taken care of in a financial way and a older man can do that.

Do women poo in their knickers?

When there young I guess everyone does it.But I wouldn't think so when they get older(as like others).Women need the toilet as much as men so if men don't women don't.

Older women were more likely to have a college degree than older men?

Yes, more working women than men have a college degree.

What do you call young men who date older women?

Young men who date older women are often called "cougar hunters" or "cubs."

What is it called when younger women like older men?

Younger women who like older men are simply called cheetah. Since when a younger girl goes after an older man they try and get with him just as fast as a cheetah would catch its prey in the wild.

What is the ratio of men to women in the world?

49 women to 51 men in people below 18 and its 51 women to 49 men in older then 18

Why are older women jealous of younger women?

Older women are jealous when older men are attracted to younger women. Older men are attracted to younger women because they are biologically more desirable. Women lose their ability to bear children at age 40-50, but men never lose their ability to father children. Because sexual desire is linked to the instinct to procreate, men are attracted to women who appear fit and able to bear children, regardless of how old the man is.

Do men like women who are older than forty-two?

Yes... for the most part age is only a is only as old as he/she feels. Older women are mature and do not have a thing to prove.