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We'll think about out it, what would happen if the guy was honest and told you that he was attracted to other women? A woman thinks that if she's with a guy then suddenly she is the only attractive woman in the world - Doesn't make sense does it?

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If they told the truth they'd be in the doghouse.

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Q: Why do men lie about being attracted to other women?
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Why lie to the other woman?

honestly , i wouldntt lie . tell her the truth and see if she wants to get caught up in that . if she doesnt know your dating/married to someone else , she wont understand shes being the "other women." tell her the truth , and stop cheating !

Why do men cheat and lie?

It's more like with do we lie and cheat as human being's....i think men are the one's with the finger pointed at them more because the tend do get caught more often. ( because women are emotional individual's) When as to women we are more

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Sweet Women Lie was created in 1990.

Do girls lie more than men?

There is no definitive answer to this question as individuals, regardless of gender, have the capacity to lie. Research shows that both men and women lie, but they may lie for different reasons or in different contexts. It is important to avoid generalizations and focus on addressing dishonest behavior in all individuals.

Why men lie about kooking at other women?

Because the women the man is with gets jealous of them looking so it's easier to just lie. And not all men lie about it. The woman may have low self esteem or she may have a reason for being jealous if the man has cheated on her before. Which she probably should have left him the first time. Think about it a minute, he looked at you at sometime so it can't be all bad.

Why do some guys lie to a women?

Some gays lie to a women because they just want to impress them..

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Why women lie?

Because they woman

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Why do women lie about being pregnant?

most women lie because they are scared they will get hurt not every women wants to be dumped because they are alredy under stress over the baby. some women lie because they can not believe that they are pregnant, some women lie to themselves sayin that they are not pregnant when they realy are. thank you for taking your time to read my answer to your question hope it sorts things out My answer is based on experience, so listen up closely. Women often lie about being pregnant, because; they are scared to lose the guy if they are not married, and if they are dating. IT ruins the relationship if it is not a planned event, or the woman simply does not tell the truth for the reason causing the relationship to take a drastic unexpected commitment.

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Woman lie if people ask them questions that get too personal or if they just want to lie to the people they hate