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Men are immature.


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because they dont have nothing else to do

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Q: Why do men have women strip in front of them?
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Are lapdances in strip clubs considered cheating?

ANSWER: I think it depends on what those men are doing when they go to strip club and watch those women's dances in front of them. But in reality it is not cheating if your husband or boyfriend are with the group of his friends inside this strip club, just like us girls when we are watching those men who dances in front of people especially women. This issue can't be called cheating, but don't take my words for it, try to search it so it can give you peace of mine..

What do men find most attractive in women?

What men find most attractive in a women is how she carries herself in front of others. Also, the appearance of a women attracts men too.

Why do men like strip shows?

Because they're perverts and only care about objectifying women and getting in their pants.

Can American men speak to Muslim women in front of their husbands in the US?

Yes, they can.

Why do public toilet seats have a gap at the front?

because there used for men and women

Why are women afraid to poop in front of men?

As far as I know everyone's afraid to have a bowel movement in front of anybody...

What is strip plate technique?

i'ts where you strip in front of a plate

Do women find farting much more offensive than men?

Well the kids find it funny. But women find it very offensive for the men to fart in front of them.

How do you clean up after a bowel movement if you are a male?

Men and women both should clean up the same after doing their business in the john. The idea is to use a small strip of toilet paper in each passing of front to back (not back to front). This process should be repeated until the tissue used is clean.

Where do Muslim men worship?

Specifically Muslim men (as opposed to Muslim women) pray in the front and center of a Mosque. Muslim women pray at the sides or the back of the mosque so that their image does not distract the men.

How Do Women Like To Asked To Strip?

because men are married and strippers tend to be better looking than their wives

What products are available in the Adidas Samoa range?

The Adidas Samoa is an athletic shoe available from Adidas. It has the three-strip pattern on the side and the traditional Adidas lace-up front. They are available for men and women styles and color patterns up to size 14.