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Many thermometers contain alcohol because it is less toxic than Mercury. In addition to this, the contents of an alcohol thermometer can evaporate away quickly.

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Q: Why do many thermometers contain alcohol?
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Is alcohol in a thermometer?

Yes, some thermometers contain non-drinkable alcohol.

Compare the expansion of mercury with alcohol?

Mercury expands more evenly than alcohol. This is why thermometers that contain mercury are more accurate than those that contain alcohol. However, alcohol freezes at a temperature much lower than mercury, so it is better used in thermometers in extreme cold conditions.

What element is used in most thermometers?

Mercury used to be a popular element for thermometers, but I think it's illegal to make a mercury thermometer because if you break one you have a hazardous situation on your hands. Today thermometers that contain liquid, almost always contain alcohol.

What is in the laboratory thermometer?

There are many kinds of thermometer in use. Liquid in glass thermometers usually contain alcohol (dyed red or blue) or mercury (silvery coloured).

Why are thermometers made with alcohol instead of water?

thermometers are made out of mercury and alcohol because mercury expands when it is heated

What different kinds of thermometers are there?

There are 34 different types of thermometer that range from alcohol thermometers and ear thermometers to medical thermometers and electrical resistance thermometers.

Is alcohol in alcohol thermometers toxic?

the alcohol in thermometers are either non-potable alcohol or mercury and if you drank either then you would be sick. so yes it is sort of toxic.

Is it a solid liquid or gas found in a thermometer?

Actually anything that won't freeze or boil at the operating range of the thermometer. The most common are mercury and alcohol.

Why rubbing alcohol is used in thermometers?


What are used in thermometers?

Mercury and alcohol

Where are alcohol thermometers used?


Can alcohol be used in a thermometer?

Yes, it can and you can purchase thermometers which use alcohol.