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The body does not always dehydrate at night. During times when one is sleeping and not drinking fluids this can cause a slight feeling of dehydration, but if it is excessive it is recommended one seek medical advice.

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You get so dehydrated before bed because you usually don't take water during the day or before you go to sleep.

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Q: Why do i get so dehydrated before bed?
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Clonazapam and Ambien before bed?

There both used for sleep so, yes, prepare for bed.

Why do animals become dehydrated?

they become dehydrated because they are just like you and me so they need water too and we are animals so that is why

Why do i wake up in the middle of the night with my feet feeling like they are really dry?

The problem is two fold. First you are dehydrated. You should drink 4 8oz. glasses of water immediately before you go to bed. Second, your skin is not being moisturised properly. You should rub Vaseline all over your feet just before you go to bed too. Don't rub it off before you get into bed though. I know it is messy, but it should help with your problem.

Why do leprechauns set their alarm clocks before bed?

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How do you stop dehydration?

Well first dehydrated what? Second, dehydrated just means lack of water, so if you add/drink plenty of water then you won't become dehydrated.

Why do you go pee before you go to bed?

Usually you do this so you dont pee in the bed. Yet it can be more comfortable than holding it all night. You most likely would pee before you go to bed so that you dont wet the bed. Also it may be more comfortable for you than to hold it all night.

Is dark urine just in the morning a sign of pregnancy?

No, It just means that you have become dehydrated over night and need to drink more water before bed. If you stop have a period then you may be pregant, if this is the case you should see your doctor.

Urine smells only in the morning?

I think it might be due to the concentration of urea in your pee, while you sleep your body can get a little dehydrated so when you tend to pee in the morning you may find your urine dark and strong smelling, drink a few glasses of water to flush away anything that may have built up during the night. Also before you sleep take some water with you before you go to bed so you do not end up dehydrated while you sleep. Sometimes this is not always the case, if you feel there maybe something else behind this take a urine sample to your gp and get checked out just to be sure

Why do you wash your face before bed time?

to get all the oils out of your skin so that when you go to bed you dont have oily skin the next morning :)

Can you become unresponsive if you are dehydrated?

Yes, if severely so.

How do you write take before bed in a prescription?

You write it like this, "Take before bed."

How many people read before bed?

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