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It makes them feel happy when the black guys explore their women while they watch. It is not recommended in the society for people to offer their women for sex.

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Q: Why do husbands like their wives to do black guys?
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Why do husbands treat wife's like crap?

Lousy husbands treat their wives like crap because they are cowards.

Do wives spank their husbands with a belt?

A belt would be too much for me but I like my wife's hand or a paddle as an intimacy thing.

Does your wife want to sleep with black guy?

If she never dated a black guy before marrying you and has been exposed to the mystique surrounding black guys, she may fantasize about what it would be like to sleep with a black guy. However, I would say that most happily married wives do not want to cheat on their husbands with a black, or white guy. My wife slept with black guys before we met (one night stands). She told me it was a size thing and she liked feeling "slutty." She's asked me to let her have a night out once in a while, but I said no.

Why do husbands act like they really don't need their wives?

Not ALL husbands are like that. Why you're describing is husband's who cheat. They think they can use their wives just to take care of them and give them children. It's terrible, and anyone in a situation like this needs to get divorced!

What wives refer their husbands like they refer them better half?

It is a term of endearment - possibly

Did God really expect husbands to treat their wives like property?

Nope, saying this is wrong in my perspective. The bible says 'Wives obey your Husbands....Husbands love your Wives'. If the wife feels like she's being treated like property then one of the two are not doing their part. We should treat each how how we would like to be treated. God expects us to love each other as we love ourselves. If you love someone it shows through your actions. Husbands that loge the wives will show it in the way they treat her .. Which is the way God intended .. For hem ti be treated with love,care and respect.

Why some husbands dont like to take out their wives?

Because they are very annoyed by them, duh...

Why don't a majority of the wives and their husbands' sisters get along and are mostly at loggerheads?

It is simply not true that a majority of the wives and their husbands' sisters don't get along and are mostly at loggerheads. Some women are like that whether they are sister-in-law or not. It has more to do with personalities and culture.

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