Why do guys smile at you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are so many reasons why guys smile at u but the top are:

*They like u and are into u

*They did something to u or but something on you're back

* There's something on your face

* He thinks you look pretty

* Or he likes your best friend that's right next to you

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Q: Why do guys smile at you?
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How do you now if a guys likes you?

if you look at them and smile

Guys only what makes you smile?

A girl smiling at me.

Do guys like a good smile from a girl?

Yes. I think they do.

Is that true guys ain't meant to smile when taking a picture?

They probably don't think it's cool to smile in pictures.

How come girls give you mean looks and guys smile at you?

The girls are just jealous of you and the guys probably like you.

How do you know that a guys friends knows he likes you?

He will always look or smile at you

Why do you think guys are hot?

because their nice, attractive and have a good smile.

What are some good tips to flirt with guys?

jst give a smile.

What do guys think is the most attractive feature in a woman's body?

their smile :)

What does it mean if a guy does not smile at you?

Some guys are serious minded; he could be shy or even moody. Don't take it personally if he doesn't smile at you.

Why is it that a lot of girls blush and smile at guys who are nice to them?

Cause most guys suck and girls are just happy your not a douchbag. Congrats.

What little things do guys like girls to do for them?

smile,say they love you,hugs and kisses