Why do guys like virgins?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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I'm not to sure on how to answer this because I am not sure if you're asking if we like virgins?But if I am on the right train of thought with your question I would say that most girls have a great respect for boys who are virgins.

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Guys like virgins because they don't like girls who have been ridin like a bus they feel that it makes them mannly to dee-vigin-ise a girl.

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A girl that has never had intercourse.

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Q: Why do guys like virgins?
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How do guys know that they are not virgins?

They think about what they have done.

Do guys like twenty-four year old virgins?

A real man would cherish and honour you

Are all the guys in one direction virgins?

None of them are

Are the One Direction guys virgins?

I highly doubt it.

How will you keep that you are not a virgin to your boyfriend?

Ignore the topic of virginity to your cant hide it. guys will no when you have sex with them.if you guys dont have sex though, just dont talk about it.but if you do, tell the truth..its nothing to be ashamed of? hell probably respect itSome guys like girls that are virgins because the way they act to the topic sex and details like thatSome guys like girls that arent virgins the fact that there experienced and easy going to that topic :)

What is the difference between virgin and non virgin guys?

people who have never "made love" are called virgins. non virgins have never made love

Do guys like virgin girls?

Some guys do, some guys don't. I say no cause guys are about sex sometimes and if you're a virgin then they're probably not going to want do it with you but you're lucky to find a guy who likes you for who you are not to use for sex. That depends on what you mean by "like". Are guys attracted to virgin girls? Most of them are. Some are attracted by the challenge of being the first - otherwise known as "jerks" and "low-lifes". Some are attracted by the idea that the virgin is saving it for someone truly special and want to feel like they are that special person. Some guys are attracted by the personality traits that go along with the girl being a virgin, like self-control, self-respect, and an independent attitude that they don't have to "do it" just because everyone else is. Some guys are attracted to virgin girls because they are virgins themselves and feel they won't be judged harshly by someone else who is equally inexperienced. Some are attracted to virgins because the view non-virgins as "damaged goods". Some guys are attracted to virgin girls because they share similar values about sex being important and not just for casual uncommitted recreation. There are also guys who avoid virgins. Some assume they are too "cold". Some are intimidated by someone who has the personal strength not to give in to peer pressure. Some feel crappy about themselves and don't want someone who might be superior to them in terms of their self control. Some think that a virgin won't be any fun because they aren't "experienced". Some want non-virgins because they assume (probably correctly) that they will be easier to talk into bed than a virgin. Some prefer non-virgins because they don't want to feel guilty about taking the girl's virginity. Some avoid virgins because they assume that there must be "something wrong" with a girl who chooses to remain a virgin. On the whole, the guys who are attracted to virgins - excluding the jerks and low-lifes - are mostly preferable to those who avoid virgins.

Can you tell if boys are virgins or not by the way they behave?

Ok, anyways, I guess guys that are virgins or non-virgins both act the same... If they have a girlfriend, maybe they would treat them differently after they've... "done it" with her. But seriously, it's wrong to have sex outside of marriage.

Are guys virgins?

as a matter of timing, all could be... but as time progresses more and more are not. The definition demands penetration, but since most guys don't ever get penetrated perhaps more of us ARE virgins! but the common definition of virginity is no sexual contact with another human being.

How do virgins finger there selfs?

Just like anyone else I would presume. It would hurt the girl more because the hymen hasn't been broken and for guys can hand job them self normally.

Are the mcfly guys virgins?

do you really need to ask that they done an interview in a magazine ages ago talking about their first times so NO they are not

When was The Virgins created?

The Virgins was created in 2005.