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because guys are animals

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Q: Why do guys just look at me but not talk to me even the football players at my school?
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Football Players by far. Musicians are ugly. So r one legged guys ugh.

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At my school, for homecoming week girls dress up as football players and the guys dress up as cheerleaders. At the end of the day the girls play football and the boys cheer for them. It is not a sport, just for fun.

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12, at every point in time in football there will be 12 players from each team on the field. That is incorrect, regulations state that there be 11 men on the field for each team. Not 12.

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well at my school , we have spirit week, & it is counting toward points, its where the girls play football or flag football & the guys, lets just say they are cheerleaders ;]

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A football

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its an interview questions guys pls answer it.......... waiting for your reply with explanations..........