Why do girls breathe heavily?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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girls breathe heavily mostly during sex.Female copulatory vocalization ("FCV") is the tendency of some female primates, including human women, to vocalize in specific ways during sexual intercourse and related sexual activity to express sexual pleasure and to excite their sexual partners as well as potential sexual partners. While males vocalize sexually as well, females typically do so much more frequently. Among women, FCV may take verbal and non-verbal forms including breathing heavily, moaning, crying out, screaming, "talking dirty", crying, and laughing. Researchers have noted that in at least some species, (for instance, Chacma Baboons), the particular vocalizations used are unique to sexual activity

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Q: Why do girls breathe heavily?
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breathe heavily = gasp, huffing and puffing, breathing, labored breathing, hyperventilation

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because of oxygen,nitrogen

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