Why do fat people think they look good?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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because they do look good, some of the worlds biggest insperations ae fat upto today.

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Q: Why do fat people think they look good?
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Why do fat people wear leggings?

I feel that a lot of fat people are in denial. They think they're thin when in reality they're not. So they think they still look good in tight clothes.

How come ugly people are fat too?

I don't think that has been put in that way. You may think that people that are fat are ugly, so you might think that ugly people are fat, but they may look bad because they are fat. Society!!

Why do people eat fat?

people eat fat because it's tastey and people think it tastes good

Do fat people eat?

people eat fat because it's tastey and people think it tastes good

Does dimples make a girl looks cute?

i think they do on some girls, personally i don't think they look good on everyone because it can make your cheeks look fat, but that all depends on the person some people suit them others don't, think they look good on like a fuller face but on a skinnier face think there better without:)

What clothes look good on fat people?

flowy numbers A big box.

Do shorts look good on fat people?

No they do not look good at all. they show off cellulite which is not cute. Improvement: It depends. Not to be rude.

Can fat people look good in skinny jeans?

If the fat person went on a diet or managed to lose weight, yes.

Do most people look good in black?

yes they do, it is very slimming for everyone. I think it depends on the person. My skin is way too fair, I look "ghostly" in black Gok says that wearing black makes you look fat

Does your butt look fat?

It can be but don't think about it.

Are fat girls pretty?

This is a piece of a persons interest Emily SmithI think all people with good personalty are mostly pretty but some people think it is the out side that counts but its not its the in side and who ever reads this to throw it in other peoples faces are sick. I know i am a skinny person but I have many interest in people with more weight. Their is no such thing as a fat person they are rather over weight or they are skinny and I think at the end of the day we are all the same as each other and were the same species so think your self lucky that were all different and pretty for that reason.If they are nice and have a good personality its easier to think of them as preety. Some fat girls have bueatiful faces and do there makeup and hair really nice!! they wear nice clothes.. so yea there preety. But than there are some who look awful cause they dont care about how they look anymore. THOSE PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY NOT PREETY!!!

Does a fat guy look good in converse?

Its pretty effin hard to make a fat guy look good in the first place sooo...