Why do ear tips get sore?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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the reason why ear tips get sore is because someone most of heard your name to much

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Its because people are creating tiny holes in your ears and breaking skin.

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Q: Why do ear tips get sore?
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Why is the outside of my ear sore ear while sleeping?

my ear is sore too.. someone told me that my ear is probably sore from sleeping and it being in a position that wasn't comfortable.

Is it safe to use an ear hearing aid when I have an open sore within the ear?

You should not use a hearing aid when their is an open sore. Allow the sore to heal.

Are sore throats and ear infections related?

They can be.

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

Why is the bone behind your ear tender and sore?

(i think) the one behind your ear is called a pelvis

What are the Causes of a baby sore throat?

Ear infections, thrush

Can lupin 500mg antibiotic be used for ear infection or sore throat?

How often and how much to take for an ear infection

How do you clear bleeding sore in your rabbits ear?

First make sure that the sore is not ear mites. Any application of neosporin on a cotton swap will heal an injury. IF IT IS NOT EAR MITES! A few drops of mineral oil will aid in removing ear mites. Your vet will also have a solution available for this application.

Can you buy replacement silicone ear pieces for apple in ear headphones?

You can get them here:

I have a Sore on the edge of my ear bleeding black blood that will not heal why?

you probably have cancer

Why do I get sore muscles on my scalp that affect my ear as well?

Look into seeing if you have TMJ

What is this sore bump on the base of your skull near your ear?

Go and ask a doctor