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It is likely a symbol for the brand name. For example, Halls cough drops have an "H" on them.

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Q: Why do cough drops have a little 'B' on them?
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Do cough drops melt or dissolve?

Cough drops typically dissolve in the mouth as the ingredients mix with saliva. They are designed to slowly break down, releasing the active ingredients to help soothe a sore throat and suppress coughing. However, they can also melt if exposed to heat or if left in warm conditions for an extended period of time.

Why are Walmart Equate and Giant Careone cough drops both imprinted with the letter B?

The Equate cough drop are imprinted with the B because the are made by BestSweets, INC. Thus baring the B to represent the company that makes them.

What are some good cough drops for kids?

There are many companies and websites that offer quality cough drops that are for children. Some of these companies that offer the cough drops are Pedia Care and Lilapops.

What ingredients are in cough drops?

You can find the ingredients on the package of cough drops. Different brands have different ingredients.

How do you sooth a cough?

eat garlic

How often can you take cough drops?

Well you should take cough drops every 4-6 hours.

Can I take cough drops when taking flagel with no side effects?

Can I take cough drops with menthol in them and Flagyl - there is menthol in the cough drops. Menthol is perhaps alcohol? Flagyl and alcohol make you vomit badly.

What types of cough drops are there?


Do cough drops have antihistamine in them?


How many calories in cough drops?

Most cough drops have as many as 10-15 calories, per cough drop. However, the sugar-free variations contain 5 or less calories, per cough drop.

Do you cough when you have strep throat?

Over the counter cough drops will not affect the bacterial infection in somebody who has strep throat but, they may prevent it from being passed to others if the cough drops calm the throat enough that you don't cough on other people.

Are there carcinogens in halls cough drops?

Yes sonya!