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So the color of the hair doesn't wair away. Like they say, if you eat too much spinich, your hair will turn green.

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Q: Why do certain shampoos help colored hair?
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How do you get volume in your hair?

There are special shampoos that can help with this.

What can I do for very thin hair-?

Eating foods rich in iron, such as liver, can help with thinning hair. Volumizing shampoos can help as well.

What should you do when you have a dry hair?

Change shampoos to one for dry hair. they do help.

How do yo grow your hair faster?

dont straighten your hair at all for a while. and shampoos can help too.

Among hair loss shampoos, which brand is the most effective?

The best hair loss shampoo is from Rogaine. Rogaine is a well known company that has produced hair products like dyes and shampoos to help stop hair loss.

Outline the importance of evently distributing shampoo?

There is few different types of shampoos. There are shampoos that help with volume and also some that will with dry hair.

The best hair growing shampoo?

Honestly there are no products that make your hair grow faster. But some shampoos can help you get healthier hair.

What are Alkaline pH shampoos?

Alkaline PH shampoos are shampoos with a lower PH balance to help prevent damage to your hair. For example, bleach used to lighten hair has a PH close to 8 and your hair is naturally lower, around a 4. An Alkaline PH shampoo will help neutralize the bleach in your hair, preventing damage.

Why are hair conditioners used in conjunction with hair shampoos?

Shampoo removes the natural oils from your hair (as well as any dirt). Conditioners help replace these oils.

How long does demi permanent hair color last?

Demi-permanent hair color typically lasts 24-25 shampoos, so if you wash your hair everyday, about a month. This can vary according to the products you use (some shampoos can help preserve color).

Does clarifying shampoo help wash out hair color?

Clarifying shampoos remove build up, such as product build up and dirt from the hair.

What types of thinning hair treatment do not involve surgery?

There are topical shampoos such as Rogaine to help with thinning hair. Try using a topcial shampoo or cream to help before resorting to hair transplant surgery.