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just say im not intresded to go out

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Q: Why do boys flirt or do time pass with other girls when they are in a committed relationship or married?
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Do boys like when girls flirt?

The guy will love it when she is in a relationship with the girl.

Why do girls flirt but not want a relationship?

because then their options are open and flirting is fun

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention

How do girls flirt with girls?

The same way they flirt with boys.

What do you do if you cant find the right girl for you?

You will! There are loads of girls out there just waiting to flirt and start a relationship with them... just chill!

You are married but would girls be turned off if you flirt with her?

any respectable girl would go the other way

Is it good to flirt but not really flirt with all the girls in the school?

Whatever you do, DON'T flirt with girls already going out with someone.

Are you a bad person if you flirt with some one who have a girlfriend and you talk to to the guy's girlfriend sometimes?

as long as your conversations stays "above ground" and wont hurt their relationship. i find no reason for you to flirt with girls with boyfriends. there are plenty of other girls you can converse with

How do you make studious boys love playful girls?


When a guy flirts with other girls does it mean hes cheating?

Yes, this is a sure sign that your man is cheating because guys you are committed don't flirt with other girls.

When a guys a flirt is he always a flirt?

It's too difficult to answer this question. It sometimes depends on the guy. Some guys flirt with everyone. Some guys flirt only with the girls they like.The nature changes when these guys enter a relationship. They might stop flirting and develop some other characteristics.

Can you flirt with girls under 17?

You can flirt with anyone -- however if you are older than 17, you could get into serious trouble if the girl takes you seriously and tries to start a relationship with you, so it's best not to do that if you're already an adult!