Why do boys always look at me?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well, maybe this guy really like you or he want to tell you something personal!

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Q: Why do boys always look at me?
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What is there to know about bysexuals?

there are boys that like girls and boys once i went out with one and i didn't know but i always doubted cause he would look at the boys strangely.

Why do girls go for boys looks not for the personallity?

People with the look always have the bad personallity

Does the look matter for girls?

As a girl, I can say that yes. Me, my friends, and all the girls i know always look at the boys' appearance to judge. Hope I helped :)

Why do boys always prefer the girls her have big gobs?

your question is flawed, not all prefer big ones but they are nice to look at

What are fagets?

Fagets are what you call boys that always are flirting with other boys or is always being nasty to them

How do boys look at girls they like?

Most boys will look straight at you and look interested in what you are saying.

Where to get boys skinny jeans?

Look in any on-trend, highstreet clothes store. TOPMAN always seems to have some good ones in...

Should I wear make up?

Boys should always wear makeup because some don't look that good naturally

Why boys always suspecting girls?

Why girls always suspecting boys? It's because of human nature and jealousy.

Can boys join ballet?

Of course! Boys are always needed in ballets!

Why always boys are not as dedicated as girl in love?

becoz boys are dog

What do i do if a boy playfully flirts with me?

flirt back! but play it cool don't be overly flirty otherwise it may come across as frightening boys love it when you play hard to get, look at them dead in the eyes, lick your lips because its not always about what you say and boys are always sexually frustrated