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To digest food properly the liquid in the stomach must be acidic. But too much acidity leads to indigestion. One takes antacids ,which usually contains baking soda or magnesium hydroxide to neutralize the excess acid.

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the tablets have a special coating that breaks down when placed in water and then that's when the tablet starts to fizz.

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To stop the production of Hydrochloric acid we use antacid as it acts opposite to the acid. In this way , we can cure it

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Q: Why do antacid tablets dissolve in water?
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Is oxygen gas given off when antacid tablets dissolve in water?

No, because that gas is CO2.

What effects does distilled white vinegar have on antacid tablets?

It has a chemical reaction and the antacid starts to dissolve. or When you do the white vinegar with the antacid tablets together the tube/bottle explodes and causes a chemical reaction.

Is nitrogen given off when antacid tablets are dropped in water?

No. An antacid tablet dropped in water produces carbon dioxide.

Is there a simple diagram of antacid tablets in the stomach?

How do antacid tablets work?

Do dishwasher tablets dissolve in water?

Yes. Dishwasher Tablets do dissolve in water, but they take a bit of time.

Do antacid tablets dissolve into luquid solid or gas in the stomach?

Antacid tablets dissolve into the stomach fluid and lower the PH but keeping it an acid. They are turned into more of a liquid than the solid they were prior. Under a microscope the antacid tablet is still in a solid for but it is reduced or diluted by the stomach fluid. A little mare about antacid tablets. Antacid tablets do just what the name suggests. Antacid neutralizes a low PH fluid in your stomach. Neutral PH is 7 on the PH scale. PH of 1 would be hydrochloric acid and others in that PH range. PH of 12 would be something like sudsy water soapy water. If the PH of the stomach fluid gets acidic the PH will drop to a lower number that is considered acidic. You can reduce the acid in your stomach by introducing another acid like vinegar or calcium or salt.

What effect does dissolving antacid tablet have on water temperature?

The colder the tablet the longer it will take for it to dissolve.

When some kinds of antacid tablets are added to water the resulting fizz gives off oxygen gas true or false?

When some kinds of antacid tablets are added to water,the resulting fizz gives off oxygen gass.True

What dose soluble mean in science?

A substance that is soluble means that it will dissolve when mixed with another substance. So if your antacid will dissolve in water, it is said to be "water soluble"

What sort of Antacid tablets are there?

Tums, Rolaids

Why do Aspirin Tablets dissolve faster in hot water?

asprin tablets dissolve quicker in hot water because the particles inside the tablet are more affected by hot water

Why is salt not put in antacid tablets?

Makes them harder to compress into tablets (and stay as tablets), and does nothing to neutralize acid.