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you have something that the guys who like you like. and if you want to attract the boys you like you need to see what they like start talking to them in a flirtive way in after a while you should make the first move. dont worry

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Q: Why do all the guys I like dislike me while all the guys i don't like likes me?
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Do guys like girls who smoke?

no, they dont. No one likes it

Do guys like girls who dont like sports?

It depends on the guy and if he likes sports.

You like someone but he likes someone else but gives me the imperesion he likes me back?

Guys are jerks. My advice- dont fall for their crap/

How do i know if a guy likes you if he flirts but doesnt chase after you?

most guys dont chase they wait

How do you get over a guy who you like but you dont know if he likes you?

you go up to him and ask him if he likes you and if he does mabe you guys could date but if he isn't intrested just start looking for other guys you think are cute there are plenty of guys out there and some where there is one for you

How will a guy who likes you act like if you ask him out?

If he likes should be fine. Every once and a while, guys like to be asked out.

What do you do if you like a guy and you don't know if he likes you but 2 other guys like you?

try to find out if the guy you like likes you back. if he doesnt and you like one of the other 2 guys that like you then youll have a better chance with that person if you dont like the 2 guys and the guy you like dont like you then theres nothing you can do.

Why Girls care how the guys look?

unfortunately, some girls judge guys on their looks. But the good thing is that most girls can see past looks +, everyone likes different looks, like I like guys with brown hair and my friend likes red hair, my friend only likes guys with six packs whereas I dont really care. The thing is that if girls cant see past looks, they dont deserve you :)

What is the guy that likes you thinkin when he looks at melike what do most guys think when they look at a girl?

i dont now

What do you do when no guy likes you because your of a different race?

dont worry about it because there are alot of guys out there that just loves you for you.

What kind of guys does Victoria Justice like?

She likes the guys that are down to,earth like she is She likes guys with lots of muscles and she likes guys with black hair she likes mexican light skinned guys

What do Zendaya Coleman like in a person?

She likes guys who just be themselves Without acting all different