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You probably have an allergy. Talk to your doctor.

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Q: Why do I have bumps all over my face while taking a colon cleanser?
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What is cleanser used for?

Colon cleanser is a term used for the action of cleansing the colon, which is the main part of the large intestine. Traditional medical professionals use colon cleansers to prepare the colon for observation, while other medical practitioners promote its use for a variety of conditions. An enema is one way to clean a colon, and a laxative is another.

Is it safe to have a colon cleanser while pregnant?

Colon cleanses are never safe. They rid your body of the good bacteria that helps us digest food.

What is colon cleanser used for?

Colon cleanser helps in maintaining your health . It removes all the toxins from the body. The Most natural colon cleanse process start with regression and revaluation in your diet is the drinking the right amount of water in your daily routine so that your body can handle the effect of the colon. Avoid all the toxins like coffee,soda and junk food from your daily diet.

Is it safe to use strip natural cleanser while pregnant?


Is liquid or solid stored in the colon?

Solid waste is stored in the colon, while liquid waste is absorbed in the colon to form solid stool.

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Do colon detox products work?

There are a range of colon cleansing products in the market, each with different ingredient contents. Although, most of the products can be categorised into two: fiber-based and oxygen-based. These two products have distinct benefits to achieve the same goal; hence your decision to adopt one should be based on expert advice or experiential use. Fiber cleansers use fibers to flush out toxins and impurities from the body while oxygen cleansers use oxygen. I would recommend that you read this article: Find out more about how to colon cleanse and detox your body with free information and guidance, available at: Fred

Is the sternum lateral to the descending colon?

Yes, the sternum is located in the anterior (front) part of the body, while the descending colon is located in the posterior (back) part of the body. Therefore, the sternum is medial to the descending colon.

What is Carlos Colon most famous for?

Carlos Colon is the father of Carly Colon, one of the best female wrestlers in the history of female wrestling. While suffering a very controversial childhood, Carly Colon found comfort within her father's loving and kindness.

You shaved a while back and now you have bumps on your vagina and they itch what can it be?

Most people call these "shave bumps" and they come from the irritation of the skin from shaving and the re-growth of hair.

What are the advantages of using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser?

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser advertises it will keep the skin's natural protective oils (emollients) and not disturb the skin_æ_s natural pH balance while at the same time removing makeup.

What takes rust out of the toilet?

Barkeeper's Friend Cleanser.....First flush toilet, turn water off so toilet won't refill. Pour cleanser in and around rust to make a paste with cleanser. Let cleanser sit on rust for a while or until you think rust may be gone, wipe off. Scrubbing bubbles may work too. I swear by this product but the key in it working is not to add a lot of water. Use dry towel to wipe away, but allow it to sit for a while as well! Just try to get toilet water as low as possible. You can scoop water out with a small cup.