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I think crushes are pretty random and you don't need to worry about them. Maybe he symbolises being young and free to do as you please which is so attractive. One answer is to try to see him in a realistic light, what kind of conversation could you really have when he's just a boy? and what kind of damage could it do if you got involved. Enjoy the crush but don't act upon it.

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Q: Why do I have a ridiculous crush on my teenage son's friend and want to know if anyone else has ever had this?
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What does it mean to dream about an obsessed friend killing your crush?

You are afraid that your friend has the same feelings with your crush and not literally your friends wanted to kill anyone...

have anyone had a kiss I had a Force kiss by my crush friend like I still hate him for doing that?

have anyone??????

If a guys is your best friend who do you tell if you actually have a crush on him?

you should propably tell you best friend that is a girl she can help.

Who is cream in love with?

She dosnt have a crush on anyone. if u think she likes tails ur wrong she likes him as a friend. tails also likes her as a friend/

Is it a natural thing to have crush on someone in teenage?

Yes, it is a natural thing to have a crush on someone when you are a teenager.

If you had a crush and he was touching on your friend would you be mad at your crush or friend?

That depends on wether or not either of them knew of your crush.

Is it possible to not have a crush on anyone?

Yes ! Many people do NOT have a crush/in love, with anyone!

Name something a teenage girl would be mortified to have read in her diary?

Details about a secret crush, embarrassing moments, or personal insecurities that she wouldn't want others to know about.

Who does David Archuletta have a crush on?

As far as anyone knows, David Archuleta is not dating anyone or has a crush on anyone...

What should you do if your friends crush flirts with you?

If your friends crush flirts with you it means he is interested in you and NOT your friend. If you tell your friend this make sure she is strong and can take a heart break. ( i have taken many heart breaks from 1 guy and i handled it so anyone can)

What should you do if you have a crush on your best friend's crush?

Well first you have to try not to hurt anyone's feeling or break a bond. Well look to see, how into him/her does your friend seem? If they're into the crush a lot just find another guy. If they barely give them the time of day then do this: 1. Send your friend hints. 2. Do subtle flirts here and there with the crush 3. Be honest, tell your friend. She'll be less mad if you tell her. 4. Go for it, flirt a little more. And maybe soon, the crush will want to go out.

Her best friend is dating her crush even though the best friend knew of the crush?

shes really not a best friend if shes going out with her best friend's crush new person! i object wat if she was dating him first then the other best friend got the crush!?