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It might have been some ingredient they use that caused some kind of a reaction in your body. It is very hard to tell what it might be from this simple question, since this isn't something that happens a lot with people.

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Q: Why do I feel sick after eating in Subway?
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What does it mean when you feel sick after eating?

You ate too much.

Will eating a lit candle kill you?

Probably not but you might burn your tongue, and feel sick after eating it.

Why do I feel so sick after eating 5 bananas?

because it has salt which is bad for you

What causes women to feel sick after eating?

A person can feel sick for a few reasons. Some might be.... *Spoiled / "bad" food, food poisoning *Eating too quickly *Eating too much *Allergic reaction to food *Too much movemtn after eating *Acid reflux *Indigestion

Can y Chihuahua feel sick or die if he ate a deep fried Frank?

Just as humans could feel sick from eating such a thing, a dog can feel the same way. I doubt he's going to die from it, but it might make him sick.

Does eating sanitizer make you sick?

yes.. i feel it could do something to ur stomach

Why do you feel so sick after eating marshmallows?

It is likely from ingesting too much sugar.

Why does eating breakfast AND not eating breakfast make me feel sick but I never actually am physically sick?

if you eat breakfast on random days and then not on those days inbetween, then it's your metabolism, (how fast your body uses food).

Can you lose weight eating subway?


Can you feel sick if your nervous does it also affect my appetite?

Yes, you can feel sick if you're nervous. This is also known as anxiety and feels like you have butterflies in your stomach. If you're feeling nervous then it does affect your appetite as the thought of eating can make you feel worse.

Can eating egg make you feel sick if your pregnant?

it depends on what you like or dislike or are allergic to! it depends on what you like or dislike or are allergic to!

Why do i Feel sick all the time and now for last 2 months been vomiting after eating?

If your a female then you could be pregant