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Go and see your Doctor.

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Q: Why do I feel like this I have been very upset to my stomach lately lost of appetite felt like the wind is knocked out of me and ive been very not up to do anything. Am I depressed If not what can I d?
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How did the biggest Lolong the crocodile died?

according to the studies and prejudices, Lolong ate something that caused him to lose his appetite and his stomach become inflated. because of losing appetite and inflation of Lolong's stomach, he died.

What happens if the baby dies in the mothers stomach?

If your baby dies in the mothers stomach in sims, she will probably become very depressed. when a sim become depressed it can lead to death because it will not do anything. If your sim is living with another sim, that sim can become depressed after the other sim dies, which can cause a chain reaction for all sims living in the same house. and if you have a child in the house and both parents die, then child services will take him/her away. hope that helps, or ,makes sense.

What would happen if someone kicked you in the stomach?

If someone got kicked in the stomach the air would be knocked out of them.So they would not be able to breath for a short amount of time.

High-fat foods stimulate the appetite because they?

High fat foods do not stimulate the appetite. Your stomach process carbohydrates quickly so the food in your stomach empties out pretty fast and you can have that empty feeling leaving you hungry again. Since it takes more time for the stomach to process fat (and protein) the food stays in your stomach longer and you feel full fora longer time until it empties out of your stomach and you feel hungry again.

Why is your two year old pug crying with stomach pain amd no appetite?

Take your dog to a vet and find out!

What might cause your dogs breathing to be laboured stomach to swell and loss of appetite?

Could be poison. Needs Vet.

What are the side effects of hydroxychlor?

headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite and weight loss.

How do you know if your dog has tape worms?

Decreased appetite and upset stomach are some of the signs that a dog is infested with worms.

Do butterflies in your stomach have anything to do with your stomach?

It does have to do with the feeling you get in your stomach when you get nervous, excited or you when you are in love. it really has nothing to do with butterflies.

How long does it take to get a stomach form pregnancy?

2 months, 3 days, 16 hours. and you need to be knocked up too.

What happens if you push on your stomach?

Nothing really but a little pinch. Your stomach a flexible sac-like organ. You can sort of mold it to be anything. Now that is just technically speaking. It's very flexible. You have your layer of fat that is also protecting it. Nothing bad/good is going to happen. If you are pregnant. You might have a small prob. ;) Won't increase/decrease anything.

Can alcohol increase appetite?

Because in alchohol the contain of alcha+hol which empty ur stomach and stimulate apettite function.