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Q: Why do I fall asleep so quickly when I go to bed?
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How did Bella fall asleep in the beginning of New Moon the book?

she just falls asleep because she is tired. we all go to bed at night.

How do you fix your sleep cycle?

start by going to bed earlier, if you can fall asleep just listen to quiet relaxing music or watch tv while ur nice and cosy and that will make you fall asleep :) you should go to bed at about 10pm then wake up at whatver time :P

How do you make your puppy go to bed on nintendogs lab and friends?

Find the naptime record when on a walk. when played the dogs will fall asleep.

Can someone go to sleep in ten seconds?

It's unlikely for someone to fall asleep in ten seconds, as the process of falling asleep typically takes longer. Factors such as relaxation, environment, and individual sleep patterns all influence how quickly someone can fall asleep.

How can you fall asleep fast?

What normally helps me is: 1. go to your bedroom 2. turn the lights off 3.make your way towards the bed and get in the bed 4. close your eyes 5. imagine a world were your awesome (or something) Like a fantasy this normally takes at least 4-5 minutes till you ACTUALLY fall asleep

Were do you catch Deoxys in diamond?

like you can you have to have dialga then you go to the house right behind the Pokemon center then talk to a guy and go in the bed when you fall asleep when you wake up you be on the iland where you can get darkri.

What are ways you can fall asleep or get help falling asleep with?

Your body prefers a schedule. Pick a specific time to go to bed and specific time to wake up and stick to it! Make sure the room is dark and slightly cool. It's best to make sure you are not near any loud noises. Create a bed time routine and use the bed only for sleeping. If you cannot fall asleep within 30 minutes, get up, do something productive but calming for a bit and then try laying down again.

A definition of incomnia is?

Insomnia is a disorder where someone often finds it hard to fall asleep. People who suffer from insomnia spend many hours awake even when they go to bed.

How do you get your binpet to go to bed?

just log out and it well go to bed cog in go to its room then its asleep if you wan't to wake it up call its name or go next to it

Im 14 years old and have issues sleeping i go to bed at 8 and dont go to sleep until around 11 what helps?

If you are 14 years old and go o bed at 8 and don't fall asleep until 11, try reading or watching television. That always puts me to sleep.

How can you train your brain to move objects with a thought process?

It takes alot of practice.But it is known to be fake. First you fall asleep, but before you fall asleep try really hard to remember you are about to fall asleep, then when you are asleep only if you know you are asleep, picture the object then move it. when you wake up go to the object and it will have moved back from the place you moved it.

How long does it take to fall asleep?

It depends on the person since everyone is different. Some people can fall asleep within a couple of minutes of going to bed. Other people may lay awake for an hour or more before sleep takes them. If a person is relaxed they can go to sleep quicker than someone who is stressed out with a lot on their minds.