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Sometimes dreams can tell us lots of things. From my investigation every time we dream, our sub conscious travels. When we dream we dream of many things like, places, ocean, people, or flowers. The reason why you dreamed about your classmate who committed suicide is maybe you were thinking of that person. It could be that you missed that friend because it's your school break. Nothing is wrong with you, nor something bad might happen. It's natural to dream the person that we knew esp. if that person is not with us anymore.

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Q: Why did you dream about a high school classmate that committed suicide?
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What does it mean when you have a dream of a friend that committed suicide and calls you saying he is alive?

You were having a horrible nightmare

What does it mean if you dream about a family member who has committed suicide and you always ask them Why?

The dream expresses the dreamer's own grief and distress. The subconscious mind produces the dream in an effort to make sense of the senseless loss.

What does it mean to dream about a classmate in your house?

Your house is a metaphor representing your life. Having a classmate in your house in this dream merely illustrates this person "in" your life. It does not predict anything in the future. Any further meaning depends on how you felt about having this person in your house.

Why do you keep dreaming about your classmate you are not even thinking about Him?

It can just mean that they are thinking about you?Answer:Although the superstition is widespread, dreaming of someone does NOT mean that person was thinking of you.Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind, so it is not necessary to consciously think about a subject or person to dream about them. Also, that classmate in the dream might represent something other than the actual person. For example, if the classmate is on a sports team, the dream could use him as a symbol for athletes in general, or the dreamer's own competitive nature, etc. If the classmate is overweight, he might represent the dreamer's own fear of becoming obese. In the same way, if the dreamer has a crush on this classmate, the dream might be wish fulfillment, providing an opportunity to be close to him in the safe context of sleep.> Most importantly, one must never confuse dreams with reality. The dream does not provide any information about the classmate's actual thoughts or feelings.

You wondered why you dream about your dead sister who committed suicide?

that reason is because she was your sister and you can't get over her death or because she was really really close to you and you loved her more than anything.

What does it mean if you dream your at d funeral of a school mate who in life just committed suicide and funeral is today i didn go iv issues with them but my da was der with food and jus died im 25?

This dream is a reflection of the events in the dreamer's real life. It is not clear from the note whether the dreamer's father is actually deceased (better use of the written language is recommended.) The dream could suggest feelings of regret for not attending the funeral.

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