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The wavelength in the emitted radiation on a tanning bed are more conducive to burning, in your case, then the wavelengths you would see under the natural lighting of your area. IN a tanning bed you can get tan in 10 min what would take you a hr in the sun... The reason being that the lights are bright and hot and surround you and are very close to you... What is happening while you are tanning is you are literally being cooked from the inside out... so think of a tanning bed as a giant oven. That is why you should not tan for too long or else you can die... I love my tanning bed... If you have one and plan on tanning daily you want to start of with a few min a day then after a few days go up a few more min and so on that way your body gets used to it... If you just go in there after not tanning in a while and tan for lets say 20 - 30 min your more likely to have a sun burn rather than a tan and it is more dangerous as well.

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Q: Why did you burn so quickly in the tanning bed?
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Are tanning beds generally safe?

You are exposed to ultraviolet radiation inside a tanning bed, just as you are in the sun. This UV exposure causes skin cancer, regardless of the source. In addition, you can receive a bad burn in a tanning bed just as you can in the sun. So tanning beds are generally no safer than sun exposure.

How do you get your neck to tan in a tanning bed?

Tilt your head back to expose your neck. Make sure you use a good tanning lotion so that your neck doesn't burn as easily and only do this for a few minutes in each tanning session and you can turn in to Jeff.

How do you bypass tanning bed timer?

I'm not gonna answer that. The light from tanning beds is so intense that it can easily cause damage if you overdo it. The timer is set to protect you.

What are the safety features of the tanning bed?

Tanning beds include a session timer as a safety feature, so that you do not stay in the tanning bed too long. Most beds also have internal cooling systems that cool the bed and the body during the sesion and after.

Why are your sides not getting tan when you tan in a tanning bed?

you are not laying on your sides so you are only tanning the front and back

Which tanning bed is rated highest if I only have 1800$ in my budget?

Most tanning beds cost a lot more then 1800 dollars. So if that is your budget you should probably try buying a used tanning bed.

What is voltage for sun quest pro 24s tanning bed?

120V, but 20A, so not a regular outlet or wire.

Can tanning in a tanning bed cause a miscarriage?

You won't get a miscarriage if you tan. I currently work at a tanning salon and we must know if you are pregnant so that we can inform you to stay hydrated. Tanning beds dehydrate you and so does being pregnant, so if you do go tanning while pregnant be sure to stay hydrated!

Can you die from laying in a tanning bed?

Well yeas and no. Tanning beds are one of the leading causes of skin cancer in the world. So in directly yes if you are a regular tanning bed user. But it can't kill you just being in it once or twice.

Should you go to a tanning salon?

The tanning bed naturally replicates sunlight so you get the full benefits of natural Vitamin D absorption just by laying in atanning bed instead of heading outdoors

How does the matrix tanning bed work?

ive been using the matrix bed for almost 2 years now. its the most amazing tanning bed ive used by far. i can tan in this bed after not tanning for six months and not burn at the full time. i have very fair skin and notice a nice tan after just one session. Actually, the matrix is very different than other tanning beds. It is made so that you receive 99% UVA rays and 1% UVB rays, approximately. The UVB rays are the rays that burn you, while the UVA rays allow you to tan. Also, it allows you to continue tanning for 48 hours, after laying in the bed. While all rays can be harmful, the ones you should protect against the most are UVB. Please don't take that to mean that this bed won't or can't cause skin problems/cancer. Any sunlight, in excess, can and will do harm, but this bed is much less likely to cause harmful skin problems than many other beds.

How are tanning bed bulbs used?

The bulbs in tanning beds emit ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) radiation. UVA and UVB are the components of sunlight that cause the skin to tan, so the artificial sunlight given off by tanning bed bulbs tans the skin.