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It means that he likes you and he is telling your husband that your husband is lucky to have you as a wife.

That means he is praising your husband. Telling him he did good finding you as a wife.

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Q: Why did this guy say that my husband is lucky to have you what does it mean?
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What does it mean when a guy says you are lucky to be with him and you say to him the next day he is lucky to be with you and he doesnt respond?

well, it could mean alot of things, reading in between the lines is an acquired skill.... don't over think it though

What does it mean a guy say your is best girl friend he ever had?

The guy means you are better than all his ex girlfiends abously! And if someone said that 2 you,you are lucky all the way

What does quem é o felizardo mean in English?

According to Google Translate, felizardo means "lucky". According to Collins dictionary, it means "lucky devil". Others say "lucky guy", or even "lucky and happy". So "quem é o felizardo" literally means "who is the lucky (masculine adjective)". The context will determine the actual translation and possibilities are along the lines of "who is the lucky devil" and "who is the happy-go-lucky guy", but I am guessing that, from the way this question is structured, the context might be something like "who is the lucky guy you are dating/ are going to marry", so the most accurate translation would be "Who's the lucky guy?"

How do you say lucky guy in french?

vous êtes si heureux

What do you say to a guy after he says that your boyfriend is lucky to have you?

He likes you he is jealous he wonts to be with you and he wonts a chance with you.

When your husband birthday what should you say to him?

When it's your husbands birthday, most likely he will want to get lucky that night.

How do you say fortunate in Arabic?

mahdood if you mean Lucky

What if a guy get upset when he found out that you nearly got a boyfriend?

That means either he likes you, or he knows something about that guy that means you're lucky you didn't say yes or that he didn't say yes.

How do you say husband in Yoruba?

oko mi..mean my husban..oko mEANS HUSBAND

How do you say guy's house in Spanish?

If you mean the name "Guy", then "casa de Guy", but if you mean "guy" as in a man, then "casa de tío".

What does a guy mean when saying you will always be my girl?

Means he's showing off to other people that he is so lucky that he has a girl like that!! =)

When a guy say he want to see what a girl is all about. what does that mean?

a guy told me he wants to see what i am all about. what does he mean?