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His nickname is Dizzy because of the way he acted.

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Q: Why did dizzy gillespie get the nickname dizzy?
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Dizzy is the nickname of what australian player?

Dizzy is the nickname of Jason Neil Gillespie, the Australian cricketer.

What is the nickname of trumpeter john birks gillespie?


Dizzy is the nickname of which Australian player?

Jason Gillespie

What actors and actresses appeared in Dizzy Gillespie - 1965?

The cast of Dizzy Gillespie - 1965 includes: Dizzy Gillespie as himself

What is Dizzy Gillespie's birthday?

Dizzy Gillespie was born on October 21, 1917.

When was Dizzy Gillespie at Newport created?

Dizzy Gillespie at Newport was created on 1957-07-06.

When was Dizzy Gillespie Jam created?

Dizzy Gillespie Jam was created on 1977-07-14.

How old was Dizzy Gillespie at death?

Dizzy Gillespie died on January 6, 1993 at the age of 75.

What has the author Dizzy Gillespie written?

Dizzy Gillespie has written: 'Dizzy atmosphere' -- subject(s): Interviews, Jazz musicians 'To be, or not ... to BOP' -- subject(s): Biography, Jazz musicians 'Dizzy: To be or not to bop' 'Body and Soul' 'Dizzy' -- subject(s): Biography, Jazz musicians 'Dizzy Gillespie / A Jazz Master' 'To be, or not-- to bop' -- subject(s): Biography, Jazz musicians 'The Dizzy Gillespie Collection'

Who did dizzy Gillespie get married to?

Lorraine Wills- Gillespie

What was dizzy gillespie's real name?

John Birks Gillespie

When was Perceptions - Dizzy Gillespie album - created?

Perceptions - Dizzy Gillespie album - was created on 1961-05-18.