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The fact that his voice has gotten deep may have to deal with puberty. My Aunt I joke around saying that he probably has chest hair now, but otherwise he might have wanted to stop doing that, or because of how deep his voice has gotten and stuff. Or possibly he has abs, thepossibilities are endless. (Joking about the abs)

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Q: Why did Gibby stop taking his shirt off?
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Who is gibby's girlfiend in iCarly?

Gibby is a sidekick to icarly. He always has his shirt off and he asked Sam to the school dance and she broke his thumb.

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What is gibby's last name on iCarly?

The character on icarly who constantly has his shirt off is Gibby. Gibby has starred on many episodes of icarly and is constantly yelled at for being too "Gibby". He is a little bit strange. He has a little brother named Guppy who guest stars on icarly occasionally. Gibby is played by an actor named Noah Munck.

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