Why did Corey leave ggpr?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he felt that the shine was always on Julian,Langston and spotlight n he tryed to convince dayday t2 join bhudd he wuxz like that he rather stay n den Corey left n went to another group that i think dances and rap t2

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Q: Why did Corey leave ggpr?
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How many ggpr members?

4. Corey left the group a couple weeks ago

How old is everyone form ggpr?

Corey is 17 Julian is 17 Langston is 16 Spotlight is 16 Dayday is 16

What are the names of the ggpr?

Corey left the group a lil while ago so now there is .. DayDay , Julian, Langston, and Spotlight

What is Langston from ggpr's middle name?

Langston from GGPR's middle name is Tate.

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Where do the ggpr live?

in L.A

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Why did Corey leave the rangers?

It is because he was getting older.