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Q: Why decaying materials affect the health?
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How do decaying materials in the water affect its quality?

ang answeer kay saneboy boang

Are leaves decaying materials?


What are the effects of decaying materials to human health?

That's not answerable because you do not specify anything. The effects you ask very much depend on the identity and nature of the materials, their quantity, the nature of their decay and of any by-products, the objective hazards they pose intact and in decaying, the state of any necessary storage etc., and the exposure of people to those hazards.

Do slater's harm indoor plants?

The short answer is no. Slaters (wood lice) eat decaying materials such as wood or the stem parts of plants. If yoo've got alot of them around *relative to the plant size) you should check the health of your plant stem/trunk. Beacxuse slaters eat decaying materials, it could mean that your plant is in serious trouble.

What do sandworms eat?

Sandworms eat decaying plant materials.

What are the causes and effects of decaying materials for safety?

Causes of decaying materials can include moisture, heat, and exposure to oxygen, which lead to the breakdown of organic matter. Effects of decaying materials for safety include the potential release of harmful gases, the attraction of pests and insects, and the creation of slippery and unstable surfaces that pose a risk for slips and falls. Regular maintenance and proper disposal of decaying materials are necessary to mitigate safety hazards.

Is slime mold an autotroph?

Slime molds are considered to be heterotrophs. Slime molds obtain their energy by consuming soil, decaying wood, and other decaying materials.

Which thing is that sowbug perform important function of?

They eat waste organic materials like fallen leaves and other decaying materials.

How decaying materials in the water affects its quality?

ang answeer kay saneboy boang

What are the causes and effects of decaying materials and safety?

eat much ice cream and cake

How does the decaying of a tree contribute to the health of the forest?

it provides nutrients to other organisms

What are the non decaying materials seen in the area?

Non-decaying materials commonly seen in an area include plastics, glass, metals, and certain types of stone or concrete. These materials do not easily break down into simpler components through natural processes like decomposition and can persist in the environment for long periods of time.