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The twitch in your shoulder is just a twitch it does not hurt you at all:>

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Q: Why causes your right shoulder twitch?
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What causes pain under?

right shoulder

Which muscle causes the skin to twitch?

cutaneous muscle

What causes lower lip twitch?

French food.

A muscle is stimulated and exhibits a contraction twitch Before this twitch is over it is stimulated again and a second twitch occurs piggyback on the first one and causes a higher contraction?


What would cause gas diarrhea and right shoulder pain?

There are many causes of gas and diarrhea, but the right shoulder pain is most likely "referred pain" due to the stomach distress. The phrenic nerve is involved... I've also had right shoulder pain after my c-section, and the doctor explained how it was due to the phrenic nerve getting irritated and extending the pain to the right shoulder.

What causes your fingers to twitch on the left hand?

Probably a trapped nerve.

What is an equine twitch used for?

A twitch is used to release endorphins into the horse's bloodstream by pinching either the muzzle or loose skin on the shoulder or neck. The endorphins go to the brain and help calm the horse down.

Can sinuse infection make eye twitch?

This is not a common cause of eyelid twitch if you'd like to see a list of causes and their treatments check the link below.

Muscle that adducts the shoulder and causes extension of the shoulder joints?

latissimus dorsi

Why do fast twitch muscles fibers contract faster than slow twitch fibers?

Because they have a faster release of energy which causes them to slow down quicker. The twitch actually refers to the fatiguability of the fiber. So, fast twitch do produce more force, but tire 'fast'er than slow twitch, which are 'slow'er to fatigue Mark, BS Exercise Science

Brett Favre -- Which shoulder had surgery?

it was his right shoulder

How do you stop eye from twitching?

Often it is a mineral deficiency that causes the twitch - usually a magnesium deficiency.